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Pink by Amber-Kyou

Cutest girl asked for more
Unfortunately, someone's creeping on my floor
An empty glass, a topless babe, a knock on the door
Girlfriend's girlfriends never could be more

What can I do?

And One - Military Fashion Show

Me and the boyfriend have been addicted to And One lately.. and I bought these cute little pink lacey panties at Ldoll <3 so in love with them.. I would want an entire outfit evolving just around them. 
Le petite mort by Amber-Kyou
Le petite mort
I am fully aware that 'La petite mort' is a synonym for orgasm, now we got that out there

I kind of got inspired by the legend behind a haunted castle here in Holland. Where the dead and everything come to life at night.. and starts moving and dancing because of a witches curse. And are deemed to never rest until the count of the castle found his daughter. 
I entered this into the Halloween photo contest run by MacabreDolls :heart:

Helena at Cemetery of Loyasse, Lyon, France
She is a NDLab Bleu citron on a Dollstown 7yr Body
For old times sake by Amber-Kyou
For old times sake
Amber ended up in France with me. 

By the time it ended up dark outside we found this typical french back street. Wanted to pose Amber walking down the street.. Didnt work. 
I put her down instead and it ended up looking like something terrible had happened.. or she was possibly drunk. Amber lived in France for a big part of her life.. to work in a stripclub. Maybe something happened?

Doll is a Delf lishe
Location: Lyon, France
Shoes: Ebay 
Queen by Amber-Kyou
Location: Museé miniature et cinéma
Original Alien Queen animatronic used in the movies of Alien. 


Amber-Kyou's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Photography, photoshop and BJD's.. sometimes in that order, and sometimes not connected with eachother.

I try to keep myself occupied, so sometimes it wont always be those certain things.. but story's, poems, self portraits (Although, those mostly go through PS) and crafts aswell. I try at least.

Sometimes way to harsh on myself, and unsure about photography work.. but would love to hear what (good) critique you have so I can learn from it.. but please dont try to break my heart.

I collect BJD's and have 9 1/2 in totall;
B&G Hera; Hina.
B&G Loretta; Psyche
DZ Jake; Elijah
Delf lishe + dreaming lishe; Amber
Zaoll Luv; Désmond
5star doll Aiden; Nyx
ND Bleu citron/Dollstown 7yr hybrid; Helena
DC Faramita; Faust
Magic Mirror Saoirse: Maya
So, that's what you will mostly see around here (if you haven't noticed yet.. that is..)

I also make (very amateur) bjd dreadwigs, check them out on other dolls in this folder:……
Contact me for more pictures and commision info.

My camera of choice is my Nikon D70S.

Also have a certain (sick) intrest in old things.. like abandoned old buildings, and so I'm intrested in Urban exploring sometimes..

Old era's, and sometimes 'new' ones intrest me aswell.. and so I like steampunk and post-apocalyptic scenes..

That's all, and enjoy looking around

- Ai!

My Bjd collection on BJDB:…
Denofangels: Amber-kyou
Doll Tumblr:
Personal Tumblr:
Eh- yea. Just popping in to say that im leaving for Lyon on friday morning. So- yes.. going to Ldoll! Wooo!

Very, very, very excited. My first time flying, first time in France. Feeling a bit nervous. 

Any one else going to Ldoll? Id like to really meet more people from other countries.. and maybe even people ive been following for a while :D 

Still not sure what dolls ill bring along. Pretty sure ill bring along Maya and Nyx.. maybe. So yea. 

Also- Any one following me that lives in Sweden? I might be around there in November/December/January.. and Id like to hold a meet.. maybe? 
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  • Listening to: And one - Steine sind Steine

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Sarah-Vafidis Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your gallery!  I have Friesian horses and would love to visit the Netherlands one day, I just have to be well enough to travel I suppose :D  I'd love to take a doll or two, the natural landscape here in Australia is pretty boring :XD:
Random fact from me, but happy birthday for yesterday!  :party:
Amber-Kyou Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Frisians! :heart: I live pretty close to a stable that has Frisians and even has an official breeding program :3

If your ever in Holland.. you should let me know :o We have the nicest bjd community here :D maybe I can set something up.

My birthday wasnt yesterday? :3
Sarah-Vafidis Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL I GOT THE WRONG MONTH :ashamed:  I'm sorry!!

That would be awesome, I'd love that!  Thanks!  Oh that is so cool.  What is a nice time of the year to see the country?

I am fairly new to the breed and have had my mare for two years, then she had her foal and we bought another mare to be the foal's breeding partner for the future :)  I named the foal Rembrandt after the Dutch painter :3  so he is Rembrandt fan Raven's ^^  I also have a Norwegian Fjord Horse and a little Shetland pony (can't talk about everyone else and leave them out can I?)
Amber-Kyou Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thats ok.. :D

Best time would be end of April.. to about beginning of June :) Then its still before tourist season and nicr weather ^^

Ive worked with horses at a stable for a while, and specially shetland ponies (Theres a reason I call them shitland ponies xD)
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SilviaET Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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